Scoring Summary


1stDuran homered to right (407 feet).10
2ndRafaela singled to left, Wong scored and Hamilton scored.30
4thValdez homered to center (401 feet), Rafaela scored and Duran scored.60
4thWong singled to right, O'Neill scored, Wong to second, Smith to third.70
6thSmith singled to center, Devers scored, O'Neill to second.80
6thWong singled to center, O'Neill scored, Smith to second.90
6thRafaela singled to left, Smith scored, Wong to third.100
6thDuran hit sacrifice fly to center, Wong scored.110
6thDeLoach doubled to left, Sosa scored.111
7thWestbrook homered to left center (388 feet).121
7thRafaela singled to left, Wong scored, Hamilton to second.131
7thVaughn homered to left (393 feet).132
8thSmith grounded out to shortstop, Refsnyder scored, Dalbec to third.142
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