Scoring Summary


1stFreeman homered to right (397 feet), Betts scored and Ohtani scored.30
1stRojas singled to left, T. Hernández scored.40
2ndSuwinski singled to left, Olivares scored, Davis to second.41
3rdOlivares hit sacrifice fly to right, Hayes scored.42
3rdN. Gonzales homered to left (366 feet), Cruz scored.44
5thT. Hernández homered to right center (390 feet).54
5thE. Hernández doubled to center, Pages scored, Rojas to third.64
5thE. Hernández scored on throwing error by catcher Davis, Vargas stole second.74
5thBetts homered to center (410 feet), Vargas scored and Barnes scored.104
6thRojas doubled to left, T. Hernández scored, Pages to third.114
8thCruz homered to right center (462 feet), McCutchen scored and Reynolds scored.117
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