Scoring Summary


2ndT. Hernández homered to center (416 feet).10
2ndWells grounded into fielder's choice to second, Torres scored, LeMahieu out at second.11
3rdOhtani singled to left, E. Hernández scored, Taylor to second.21
3rdJudge homered to left center (386 feet).22
5thE. Hernández homered to right (346 feet).32
6thT. Hernández grounded into fielder's choice to third, Freeman scored, Smith out at second.42
8thT. Hernández homered to center (424 feet), Betts scored, Ohtani scored and Smith scored.82
9thFreeman doubled to left, Ohtani scored and Betts scored.102
9thPages walked, Freeman scored, T. Hernández to second, Smith to third.112
9thJudge homered to right center (379 feet).113
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