Scoring Summary


1stBader homered to left center (431 feet), Lindor scored.02
2ndMyers doubled to right, Burger scored.12
2ndRivera singled to center, Myers scored.22
2ndAlvarez singled to right, Taylor scored, Vientos to second.23
2ndVientos scored on error, McNeil safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Lopez, Alvarez safe at third on error.24
2ndMartinez singled to center, McNeil scored, Lindor to third.25
5thDe La Cruz doubled to left, Lopez scored.35
5thChisholm Jr. singled to left, De La Cruz scored, Burger to second.45
5thMarte homered to left center (434 feet).46
7thVientos singled to right, Alonso scored, Taylor to second, Marte to third.47
7thAlvarez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Marte scored, Vientos out at second, Taylor to third.48
8thLindor homered to center (414 feet).49
8thMarte singled to center, Bader scored.410
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