Scoring Summary


3rdGoodman homered to center (440 feet).01
4thN. Gonzales homered to center (429 feet).11
4thCave doubled to left, Toglia scored and Montero scored.13
4thGoodman doubled to left, Cave scored.14
5thMontero hit sacrifice fly to center, Blackmon scored, McMahon to third.15
5thMcMahon stole home.16
6thGrandal reached on infield single to second, N. Gonzales scored, Olivares to second, Joe to third.26
6thTovar singled to left, Goodman scored, Blackmon to second.27
7thMcCutchen homered to left (433 feet).37
7thN. Gonzales grounded out to shortstop, Reynolds scored.47
7thCave singled to center, N. Jones scored.48
7thGoodman homered to center (429 feet), Cave scored.410
8thMcMahon doubled to right, Tovar scored.411
8thToglia homered to left (370 feet), McMahon scored, Montero scored and N. Jones scored.415
8thGoodman grounded out to second, Cave scored.416
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