Scoring Summary


1stGoldschmidt homered to right (385 feet), Burleson scored.20
1stJ. Sánchez homered to right center (418 feet), De La Cruz scored and Bell scored.23
2ndDonovan homered to right (375 feet), Siani scored.43
2ndChisholm Jr. hit sacrifice fly to left, Lopez scored, Bethancourt to second.44
3rdCrawford grounded out to first, Herrera scored, Carpenter to second.54
3rdSiani singled to center, Carpenter scored.64
4thBurleson homered to left center (386 feet).74
4thBethancourt grounded out to second, Anderson scored.75
6thBethancourt homered to left (388 feet).76
6thBell hit sacrifice fly to center, Chisholm Jr. scored.77
10thCarlson hit sacrifice fly to right, Fermín scored.87
10thAnderson reached on infield single to third, J. Sánchez scored, Gordon to second.88
10thBruján singled to right, Gordon scored, Anderson to third.89
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