Scoring Summary


1stO'Hearn hit a ground rule double, Henderson scored.10
1stTorres hit sacrifice fly to left, Soto scored.11
5thUrías homered to left center (391 feet), Mullins scored.31
5thO'Hearn doubled to right, Mateo scored, Mountcastle to third.41
7thMountcastle doubled to right, Henderson scored on error, Mountcastle safe at third on fielding error by right fielder Soto.51
7thStanton homered to center (440 feet), Volpe scored and Soto scored.54
9thStanton singled to left, Volpe scored.55
10thMullins singled to center, Santander scored, Mullins to second.65
10thMullins scored on throwing error by catcher Trevino.75
10thRice hit sacrifice fly to right, Torres scored.76
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