Scoring Summary


1stVarsho doubled to right, Bichette scored and Turner scored, Jansen to third.02
1stJansen scored, Varsho to third on passed ball by Garcia.03
2ndWilson homered to left, Clemens scored.23
2ndKingery homered to center.33
2ndRojas reached on infield single to second, Garcia scored, Merrifield to third.43
3rdTurner singled to center, Bichette scored.44
3rdVarsho singled to right, Britton scored, Jansen to third.45
3rdKiner-Falefa singled to center, Jansen scored, Varsho to third.46
3rdLukes hit sacrifice fly to center, Varsho scored.47
5thWilson doubled to left, Clemens scored and Sosa scored.67
5thDahl singled to center, Wilson scored.77
5thBrito grounded out to shortstop, Dahl scored, Castro to second, Kingery to third.87
5thRojas tripled to center, Kingery scored and Castro scored.107
5thRojas scored on error, Schwecke safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Jimenez.117
5thKroon homered to right center (383 feet), Schwecke scored and Ball scored.147
5thBerroa scored on error, Horwitz safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Ball, Horwitz safe at second on error, Barger safe at third on error.148
5thLukes grounded out to first, Barger scored, De Los Santos to third.149
6thServen doubled to center, Britton scored, Martinez scored and Jimenez scored.1412
9thMartinez flied out to right, Robertson scored on fielding error by right fielder De La Cruz.1413
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