Scoring Summary


2ndChaparro doubled to left, Rivera scored, Chaparro out stretching at third.10
2ndAllen singled to left, A. Díaz scored and Noda scored, J. Diaz to second.12
3rdLawlar homered to left center.22
3rdRooker grounded into fielder's choice to third, Andujar scored on throwing error by second baseman Peterson, Langeliers out at second.23
5thJohnson scored on error, Gurriel Jr. safe at first on fielding error by third baseman A. Díaz, Moreno to second.33
6thRobinson homered to left center, Chaparro scored and Melendez scored.63
6thJohnson homered to right center.73
6thCameron scored on Lin wild pitch, Butler to second on wild pitch by Lin.74
6thAlvarez singled to left, Butler scored, Pérez to second.75
6thPark homered to right center, Pérez scored and Alvarez scored.78
9thNewman doubled to center, Patino scored.88
9thLugbauer homered to left center.89
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