Scoring Summary


2ndSabol doubled to left, Wade Jr. scored and Matos scored, Crawford to third.20
3rdEstrada scored, Conforto to third on passed ball by Wynns.30
3rdTovar tripled to center, Doyle scored, Wynns scored and Jones scored.33
5thBryant singled to center, Jones scored, Tovar to third.34
5thGoodman walked, Tovar scored, Montero to second, Bryant to third.35
5thCastro walked, Bryant scored, Goodman to second, Montero to third.36
6thTovar singled to left, Jones scored.37
7thWynns singled to center, Castro scored and Doyle scored.39
8thWade Jr. homered to right center (391 feet).49
9thEstrada singled to right, Crawford scored.59
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