Scoring Summary


3rdTurner singled to center, Taylor scored, Pollock to second.10
3rdPujols homered to left (407 feet), Pollock scored and Turner scored.40
3rdSouza Jr. tripled to deep right, Burns scored.50
4thPollock doubled to left center, Gonsolin scored and Taylor scored.70
4thEscobar singled to right, Marte scored.71
5thCleavinger sacrificed, Lux scored, Cleavinger to first on throwing error by third baseman VanMeter, Barnes to third.81
5thPollock doubled to center, Barnes scored, Cleavinger to third.91
6thReddick singled to shallow left, Marte scored, Peralta to third.92
8thReddick singled to right center, Marte scored and Peralta scored, Cabrera to third.94
8thWalker singled to left center, Cabrera scored, Reddick to second.95
8thVanMeter walked, Reddick scored, Vogt to second, Walker to third.96
8thMarte singled to center, Vogt scored and Walker scored, VanMeter to third.98
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