Scoring Summary


1stTsutsugo homered to right (375 feet).10
1stReynolds homered to right (390 feet).20
3rdTsutsugo singled to center, Peters scored, Tucker to third.30
3rdReynolds hit sacrifice fly to center, Tucker scored.40
3rdNewman grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Tsutsugo scored, Gamel out at second, Moran to third.50
3rdCastellanos doubled to deep center, Farmer scored and India scored.52
3rdVotto homered to right (376 feet), Castellanos scored.54
5thVotto homered to right (388 feet).55
5thSuárez homered to left center (399 feet).56
7thFarmer homered to left (383 feet).57
7thDeShields walked, Castellanos scored, Friedl to second, Votto to third.58
8thCastellanos singled to right, India scored.59