Scoring Summary


1stHapp singled to left center, Suzuki scored, Contreras to second.01
2ndSuzuki singled to shallow right, Hoerner scored, Ortega to third.02
2ndContreras singled to right center, Ortega scored and Suzuki scored.04
2ndVillar grounded into fielder's choice to second, Contreras scored and Happ scored, Wisdom safe at second on fielding error by shortstop Newman, Wisdom safe at third on error.06
2ndRivas homered to right (416 feet), Wisdom scored and Villar scored.09
4thRivas singled to shallow left, Villar scored, Heyward to third.010
4thHoerner grounded out to pitcher, Heyward scored, Rivas to second.011
5thContreras doubled to right, Suzuki scored.012
5thHapp doubled to shallow left, Contreras scored.013
5thHeyward doubled to right, Happ scored, Villar to third.014
5thRivas singled to center, Villar scored, Heyward to third.015
5thHoerner singled to left center, Heyward scored, Rivas to second.016
7thHoerner singled to shallow center, Heyward scored.017
8thWisdom singled to left, Hermosillo scored, Happ to second, Contreras to third.018
8thVillar singled to right, Contreras scored and Happ scored, Wisdom to third.020
8thHeyward grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Wisdom scored, Villar out at second.021
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