19-8, 9-4 away
12-16, 6-8 home

Scoring Summary

1stTellez doubled to deep center, McCutchen scored and Wong scored.20
4thAcuña Jr. homered to center (450 feet).21
4thAlbies sacrificed into double play, center to third, Olson scored, Riley thrown out at third.22
6thCain grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Urías scored, Narváez out at second, Renfroe to third.32
6thAdames walked, Renfroe scored, Wong to second, Cain to third.42
6thYelich reached on infield single to second, Cain scored and Wong scored on throwing error by second baseman Albies, Adames to second.62
8thSwanson homered to right (369 feet).63