Scoring Summary


1stBlackmon homered to right (412 feet), Joe scored.02
2ndNuñez hit sacrifice fly to center, Hilliard scored.03
3rdMerrifield singled to center, Taylor scored.13
3rdPerez homered to right (403 feet), Merrifield scored.33
3rdIglesias singled to center, Cron scored, Rodgers to second.34
3rdHilliard homered to right (425 feet), Rodgers scored and Iglesias scored.37
5thRodgers doubled to deep right, McMahon scored.38
5thHilliard hit sacrifice fly to center, Rodgers scored.39
7thWitt Jr. homered to left (427 feet).49
7thMcMahon homered to right (450 feet).410
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