Scoring Summary


1stBenintendi homered to right center (433 feet), Merrifield scored.20
2ndIglesias singled to left, Rodgers scored, Díaz to second.21
2ndHilliard singled to center, Díaz scored, Iglesias to third.22
2ndDaza hit sacrifice fly to left, Iglesias scored.23
3rdPerez doubled to center, Benintendi scored.33
3rdDozier singled to center, Perez scored, Santana to third.43
3rdWitt Jr. tripled to right, Santana scored and Dozier scored.63
5thDozier scored on error, Witt Jr. safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Rodgers, Witt Jr. safe at second on error.73
5thTaylor singled to left, Witt Jr. scored.83
5thMcMahon singled to right, Daza scored, Blackmon to third.84
5thGrichuk struck out, Blackmon scored, Grichuk to first on wild pitch by Greinke, McMahon to second on wild pitch by Greinke.85
5thRodgers doubled to left, Grichuk scored and McMahon scored.87
7thTaylor doubled to center, Dozier scored, Witt Jr. to third.97
7thMerrifield singled to center, Witt Jr. scored and Taylor scored.117
7thBenintendi tripled to left, Merrifield scored.127
7thRodgers homered to center (420 feet), Cron scored.129
8thO'Hearn homered to right (445 feet), Dozier scored.149
8thHilliard homered to center (443 feet).1410
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