Scoring Summary


5thRivera homered to left center (441 feet), Witt Jr. scored.20
6thMerrifield homered to left (388 feet).30
7thWitt Jr. homered to left (436 feet).40
7thRivera doubled to deep right center, Melendez scored.50
7thMerrifield hit sacrifice fly to left, Rivera scored.60
7thDaza singled to right center, Díaz scored and Hampson scored, Joe to third.62
7thCron singled to center, Joe scored, Daza to third.63
7thMcMahon grounded into fielder's choice to first, Daza scored on error, Cron safe at second on throwing error by second baseman Lopez.64
7thGrichuk singled to right center, Cron scored and McMahon scored, Rodgers to third.66
7thDíaz hit sacrifice fly to right, Rodgers scored.67
9thPerez singled to deep left, Benintendi scored and Isbel scored, Taylor to second.87
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