Scoring Summary


1stWisdom homered to center (422 feet), Happ scored and Schwindel scored.03
2ndNootbaar doubled to right, Arenado scored, Nootbaar out stretching at third.13
3rdGoldschmidt homered to right center (390 feet), Bader scored and Edman scored.43
3rdSchwindel reached on infield single to third, Morel scored, Ortega to second.44
4thDickerson homered to right (377 feet).54
4thKnizner singled to shallow left, Bader scored.64
4thGorman homered to right (424 feet), Knizner scored and Edman scored.94
6thKnizner scored on Leiter Jr. wild pitch, Goldschmidt to second, Edman to third.104
6thArenado singled to right, Edman scored, Goldschmidt to third.114
6thDonovan grounded into fielder's choice to center, Goldschmidt scored, Arenado out at second.124
7thWisdom singled to left, Ortega scored, Schwindel to second.125
9thDickerson homered to right (390 feet).135
9thNootbaar homered to right center (400 feet).145
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