Scoring Summary


1stContreras doubled to left, Morel scored.01
4thEdman scored on Kilian wild pitch, Arenado to second, Goldschmidt to third.11
4thDonovan doubled to left center, Arenado scored and Goldschmidt scored.31
6thHeyward singled to right, Ortega scored, Higgins to second.32
6thMorel doubled to left, Higgins scored, Heyward to third.33
10thDonovan doubled to left, Arenado scored and Goldschmidt scored.53
10thBader singled to center, Donovan scored.63
10thNootbaar grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Bader scored, Molina out at second.73
10thHeyward doubled to deep right, Wisdom scored.74
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