Scoring Summary


2ndMoreno singled to center, Kirk scored, Hernández to second.01
4thTorres doubled to deep center, LeMahieu scored.11
4thHigashioka grounded out to pitcher, Torres scored, Gallo to second.21
5thStanton homered to right (350 feet), Rizzo scored.41
5thLeMahieu homered to center (411 feet).51
5thGallo doubled to right, Torres scored.61
5thRizzo homered to right (435 feet), Gallo scored, Kiner-Falefa scored and Judge scored.101
6thKirk homered to left (393 feet).102
7thMoreno reached on infield single to shortstop, Chapman scored.103
9thGallo homered to right (403 feet), Torres scored.123
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