Scoring Summary


1stGuerrero Jr. homered to left (374 feet), Bichette scored.02
2ndTorres homered to left center (404 feet).12
3rdDonaldson homered to center (412 feet), Gallo scored.32
5thJudge doubled to deep right center, Gallo scored, LeMahieu to third.42
5thTorres doubled to deep center, Judge scored and LeMahieu scored.62
5thSpringer homered to left (383 feet).63
6thHigashioka homered to left (426 feet).73
6thGonzalez homered to left (404 feet).83
6thGurriel Jr. homered to left (398 feet), Kirk scored, Hernández scored and Chapman scored.87
7thHernández homered to center (413 feet), Guerrero Jr. scored and Kirk scored.810
8thRizzo homered to right (382 feet).910
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