Scoring Summary


1stArenado singled to left, Donovan scored, Goldschmidt to third.01
2ndEdman grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Carlson scored, Herrera out at second.02
3rdDonovan homered to right (359 feet).03
3rdGoldschmidt homered to left (412 feet).04
3rdYepez homered to left (417 feet).05
4thRivas singled to left center, Hoerner scored, Gomes to second.15
4thOrtega doubled to left, Gomes scored and Rivas scored, Bote to third.35
4thContreras singled to center, Bote scored and Ortega scored.55
10thContreras singled to right, Velazquez scored.65
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