Scoring Summary


1stBichette grounded out to pitcher, Guerrero Jr. scored, Kirk to second.10
2ndChapman homered to center (421 feet), Gurriel Jr. scored.30
3rdGurriel Jr. singled to center, Bichette scored and Kirk scored, Hernández to second.50
3rdEspinal singled to right, Hernández scored, Espinal to second, Gurriel Jr. to third.60
3rdTapia inside-the-park grand slam to center (384 feet), Gurriel Jr. scored, Espinal scored and Jansen scored.100
4thHernández homered to right (389 feet).110
4thJansen homered to center (429 feet), Chapman scored and Espinal scored.140
4thVázquez homered to left (351 feet).141
4thBradley Jr. homered to right center (408 feet), Plawecki scored.143
5thGurriel Jr. singled to center, Bichette scored, Hernández to second.153
5thChapman reached on infield single to catcher, Hernández scored, Gurriel Jr. to third.163
5thJansen singled to right, Gurriel Jr. scored, Espinal to second, Chapman to third.173
5thTapia doubled to center, Chapman scored and Espinal scored, Jansen to third.193
5thGuerrero Jr. singled to left, Jansen scored and Tapia scored.213
5thBichette singled to right, Guerrero Jr. scored, Kirk to third.223
5thHernández singled to right, Kirk scored, Bichette to second.233
5thGurriel Jr. doubled to deep center, Hernández scored and Bichette scored.253
6thJansen homered to left (390 feet), Espinal scored.273
6thVázquez homered to center (419 feet).274
7thRefsnyder homered to left (405 feet).275
9thChapman singled to left center, Biggio scored, Gurriel Jr. to second.285
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