Scoring Summary


1stBiggio singled to left center, Guerrero Jr. scored and Springer scored, Bichette to second, Bichette safe at third on fielding error by left fielder Cordero.20
1stTapia tripled to deep right center, Bichette scored, Biggio scored and Chapman scored.50
1stBogaerts reached on infield single to shortstop, Duran scored, Verdugo to second.51
4thSánchez singled to right center, Cordero scored.52
5thTapia singled to left, Hernández scored, Chapman to third.62
5thJansen grounded into fielder's choice to third, Chapman scored, Tapia to second.72
5thGuerrero Jr. reached on infield single to first, Tapia scored, Springer to second, Jansen to third.82
5thVerdugo singled to center, Duran scored.83
6thBradley Jr. homered to left center (404 feet).84
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