Scoring Summary


1stHall tripled to deep right center, Hoskins scored and Bohm scored.20
1stCastellanos singled to left, Hall scored.30
2ndBohm singled to right, Vierling scored, Schwarber to second.40
6thSchwarber homered to right center (406 feet), Vierling scored and Stubbs scored.70
7thGregorius singled to right, Castellanos scored, Stott to third.80
7thMitchell homered to right center (414 feet), Madris scored.82
9thHeineman singled to center, Allen scored and Mitchell scored, VanMeter to third.84
9thNewman tripled to deep center, VanMeter scored and Heineman scored.86
9thCruz grounded out to second, Newman scored.87
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