Scoring Summary


1stRealmuto doubled to left, Bohm scored.10
1stCastellanos singled to left, Realmuto scored.20
3rdMitchell doubled to deep right, Newman scored.21
5thSchwarber homered to left (441 feet).31
5thCastellanos singled to center, Bohm scored, Realmuto to third.41
5thStott singled to center, Realmuto scored, Castellanos to second.51
5thVierling singled to right, Castellanos scored, Stott to third.61
5thHerrera singled to shallow left center, Stott scored, Vierling to second.71
6thBohm homered to left center (404 feet).81
9thTsutsugo singled to left, Cruz scored, VanMeter to second.82
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