77-48, 32-28 away
46-80, 20-42 home

Scoring Summary

2ndKiner-Falefa singled to center, Cabrera scored and Donaldson scored, Trevino to second.20
2ndStanton singled to left, Kiner-Falefa scored and Trevino scored, Benintendi to third.40
3rdDonaldson doubled to deep left center, Torres scored.50
3rdBenintendi hit sacrifice fly to left, Donaldson scored.60
3rdStanton walked, Trevino scored, Judge to second, Kiner-Falefa to third.70
3rdRizzo singled to shallow right, Kiner-Falefa scored, Stanton to second, Judge to third.80
4thTrevino doubled to deep right, Donaldson scored.90
4thJudge grounded out to pitcher, Trevino scored, Benintendi to second, Kiner-Falefa to third.100
6thLangeliers homered to left (419 feet).101
7thDonaldson doubled to deep right center, Torres scored and Rizzo scored.121
7thCabrera doubled to deep right, Donaldson scored.131
7thMachín walked, Bride scored, Kemp to second, Bolt to third.132
7thBrown hit by pitch, Bolt scored, Machín to second, Kemp to third.133
7thLangeliers reached on infield single to second, Kemp scored, Brown to second, Machín to third.134