Scoring Summary

1stKim scored, Machado to third, Drury to second on throwing error by Elias Diaz10
1stCronenworth hit sacrifice fly to center, Machado scored.20
1stMyers hit a ground rule double to deep center, Drury scored.30
2ndBouchard reached on infield single to second, Díaz scored, Tovar to second, Trejo out at home in rundown.31
3rdCronenworth tripled to right, Soto scored and Drury scored.51
3rdMyers homered to left (433 feet), Cronenworth scored.71
3rdMcMahon homered to center (439 feet).72
4thBouchard singled to center, Díaz scored and Trejo scored.74
5thBlackmon singled to right, Daza scored.75
8thMachado homered to left (421 feet), Kim scored and Soto scored.105
8thDrury homered to left center (452 feet).115
8thNola doubled to deep right, Profar scored.125
8thDíaz singled to center, Joe scored.126
9thDrury grounded out to third, Grisham scored.136