Scoring Summary


1stWinker doubled to right, Yelich scored.10
1stAnderson singled to right, Winker scored.20
1stCruz singled to left, Soto scored, Bogaerts to third.21
1stCronenworth singled to right, Bogaerts scored, Cruz to third.22
2ndMachado singled to left, Grisham scored.23
4thWinker hit by pitch, Caratini scored, Wiemer to second, Turang to third.33
5thCronenworth homered to right center (372 feet), Cruz scored.35
7thCruz hit sacrifice fly to right, Soto scored.36
7thCronenworth homered to center (410 feet), Bogaerts scored.38
8thCruz walked, Azocar scored, Bogaerts to second, Soto to third.39
8thCronenworth walked, Soto scored, Cruz to second, Bogaerts to third.310
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