Scoring Summary


1stGrichuk homered to left center (426 feet).10
1stMcNeil singled to center, Nimmo scored, Lindor to second.11
1stBaty singled to right, Lindor scored on error and McNeil scored on error, Baty safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Bryant.13
3rdProfar doubled to center, Doyle scored.23
3rdBryant singled to center, Profar scored.33
4thMcNeil reached on infield single to second, Álvarez scored, Lindor to second, Nimmo to third.34
5thBryant homered to center (406 feet), Grichuk scored.54
5thTovar doubled to right, Cron scored and McMahon scored.74
5thWynns singled to left, Tovar scored.84
5thDoyle homered to right (385 feet), Wynns scored.104
5thGuillorme singled to center, Canha scored.105
7thDoyle reached on infield single to shortstop, Trejo scored.115
7thVogelbach homered to right center (397 feet).116
9thWynns hit sacrifice fly to right, Trejo scored.126
9thDoyle scored on Leone wild pitch, Profar to second.136
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