Scoring Summary


1stNoda singled to center, Ruiz scored.10
3rdBrown doubled to center, Noda scored, Rooker to third.20
3rdPérez hit sacrifice fly to right, Rooker scored, Brown to third.30
5thJoe doubled to right, Mathias scored, McCutchen to third.31
6thMcCutchen walked, Hayes scored, Hedges to second, Mathias to third.32
6thReynolds walked, Mathias scored, McCutchen to second, Hedges to third.33
6thSuwinski sacrificed into double play, right to third, Hedges scored, McCutchen thrown out at third.34
8thDíaz doubled to left, Rooker scored.44
8thMcCutchen hit sacrifice fly to right, Bae scored.45
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