Scoring Summary


1stRooker singled to center, Noda scored, Brown to third.10
1stPeterson doubled to right, Brown scored and Rooker scored, Laureano to third.30
1stBride singled to center, Laureano scored, Peterson to third.40
1stBleday singled to left, Peterson scored, Bride to second.50
1stNoda walked, Bride scored, Smith to second, Bleday to third.60
1stBrown walked, Bleday scored, Noda to second, Smith to third.70
2ndCastro homered to center (430 feet).71
4thCastro doubled to center, Hayes scored and Santana scored.73
7thNoda homered to left (361 feet).83
7thRooker doubled to center, Brown scored.93
7thJoe walked, Delay scored, Reynolds to second, McCutchen to third.94
9thReynolds singled to right, Bae scored, McCutchen to second.95
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