Scoring Summary


1stSuwinski grounded into fielder's choice to second, Marcano scored on error, Reynolds safe at second on fielding error by second baseman Peterson, Reynolds safe at third.01
2ndLangeliers homered to center (423 feet).11
3rdBrown doubled to center, Noda scored.21
5thPalacios grounded into fielder's choice to second, Reynolds scored, Joe out at second, McCutchen to third.22
6thPeterson singled to right, Díaz scored, Bleday to third.32
6thBride singled to left, Bleday scored, Peterson to second.42
6thNoda reached on infield single to pitcher, Peterson scored, Ruiz to second, Bride to third.52
8thPeterson homered to right (360 feet), Langeliers scored.72
8thRooker homered to left center (388 feet), Bride scored.92
9thPeterson homered to right center (422 feet), Bleday scored.112
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