Scoring Summary


1stPederson homered to left center (382 feet), Estrada scored.02
2ndTauchman reaches on a fielding error by shortstop Schmitt. Gomes scores. Madrigal to 3rd, Tauchman to 2nd on throwing error by shortstop Schmitt.12
3rdGomes grounded into fielder's choice to second, Morel scored, Swanson to second.22
3rdPederson homered to right (405 feet), Schmitt scored.24
4thSabol singled to right, Flores scored, Yastrzemski to second.25
5thConforto singled to center, Pederson scored and Davis scored.27
5thSabol singled to right, Conforto scored, Haniger to third.28
6thHoerner grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Wisdom scored, Tauchman out at second, Madrigal to third.38
6thEstrada homered to left (413 feet).39
6thFlores hit sacrifice fly to right, Pederson scored.310
7thEstrada homered to left (382 feet), Haniger scored and Schmitt scored.313
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