Scoring Summary


2ndTauchman singled to center, Gomes scored and Morel scored, Mastrobuoni to second.20
2ndHoerner singled to center, Mastrobuoni scored, Tauchman to third.30
7thTauchman singled to left, Madrigal scored, Tauchman to second.40
7thSwanson reached on infield single to third, Tauchman scored, Happ to third.50
8thTauchman grounded into fielder's choice to second, Gomes scored on error, Madrigal safe at second on throwing error by second baseman Bae, Madrigal safe at third on error.60
8thHoerner grounded out to second, Madrigal scored, Tauchman to second.70
8thSuzuki doubled to left, Tauchman scored.80
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