Scoring Summary


1stSteer singled to left, Newman scored, India to second.10
2ndHays singled to center, McKenna scored and Westburg scored, Mateo to third.12
3rdWestburg grounded into fielder's choice to third, Santander scored. Urías scored on throwing error by second baseman India, Mullins out at second.14
5thUrías doubled to center, Santander scored, Hicks to third.15
5thMullins hit sacrifice fly to left, Hicks scored, Urías to third.16
5thUrías scored on Salazar wild pitch.17
6thSteer homered to center (418 feet), De La Cruz scored.37
7thHays hit a ground rule double, McKenna scored, Mateo to third.38
7thRutschman singled to center, Mateo scored and Hays scored.310
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