Scoring Summary


1stDe La Cruz singled to right, Friedl scored, India to third.10
1stFraley singled to right, India scored, De La Cruz to third.20
1stVotto grounded into fielder's choice to second, De La Cruz scored, Fraley out at second.30
1stO'Hearn singled to right, Mullins scored, Santander to second.31
1stHenderson tripled to left, Santander scored, O'Hearn scored and Hays scored.34
2ndFriedl reached on infield single to second, Benson scored.44
2ndIndia grounded out to shortstop, Friedl scored.54
2ndFraley singled to right, McLain scored.64
8thMcLain grounded out to first, Benson scored, Friedl to second.74
8thWestburg doubled to left, Hicks scored.75
8thFrazier homered to right (369 feet), Westburg scored.77
10thBenson tripled to right, Newman scored.87
10thFriedl homered to right (381 feet), Benson scored.107
10thMaile scored on Akin wild pitch.117
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