Scoring Summary


1stFarmer doubled to center, Solano scored and Correa scored.20
2ndCorrea singled to left, Jeffers scored and Taylor scored, Gallo to second.40
3rdTaylor homered to left center (423 feet), Jeffers scored.60
3rdAllen grounded out to catcher, Gelof scored.61
4thNoda homered to right center (393 feet).62
4thBrown homered to right (395 feet), Bleday scored.64
5thCastro stole home, Jeffers stole second.74
5thKemp singled to right, Peterson scored, Allen to third.75
5thAllen scored on P. López wild pitch, Kemp to second on wild pitch by P. López.76
6thAllen hit sacrifice fly to center, Gelof scored, Peterson to third.77
7thFarmer homered to left center (405 feet).87
8thBuxton walked, Jeffers scored, Solano to second, Correa to third.97
9thJeffers sacrificed to pitcher, Castro scored.107
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