Scoring Summary


1stRivas homered to left center (403 feet), Suwinski scored and Davis scored.30
1stSantana singled to center, Yelich scored on error, Santana safe at second on throwing error by center fielder Suwinski, Contreras safe at third on error.31
1stFrelick hit sacrifice fly to left, Contreras scored.32
2ndReynolds doubled to right, Capra scored.42
2ndDavis homered to left center (380 feet), Reynolds scored.62
5thSantana homered to right center (392 feet).63
6thPalacios homered to right (386 feet).73
6thReynolds homered to right (388 feet).83
7thCanha singled to left, Adames scored, Canha to second, Frelick to second, Frelick safe at third on throwing error by left fielder Palacios.84
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