Scoring Summary


1stSuwinski grounded out to shortstop, Rivas scored, McCutchen to second.10
1stFrelick doubled to left, Adames scored and Contreras scored.12
2ndWiemer doubled to right, Monasterio scored, Turang to third.13
2ndYelich singled to left, Turang scored, Wiemer to third.14
2ndContreras grounded into double play, third to second to first, Wiemer scored, Yelich out at second.15
5thTurang homered to right (414 feet), Frelick scored and Canha scored.18
6thFrelick homered to right (355 feet), Contreras scored and Santana scored.111
7thYelich reached on infield single to first, Monasterio scored, Wiemer to second.112
7thContreras doubled to right, Perkins scored and Wiemer scored.114
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