Scoring Summary


2ndCron homered to left center (376 feet).10
2ndSingleton homered to right (390 feet), Diaz scored and Dubón scored.13
2ndBregman grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Peña scored, Altuve out at second, Maldonado to third.14
2ndAlvarez grounded into fielder's choice to third, Maldonado scored, Bregman out at second.15
3rdRengifo reached on infield single to second, Wallach scored.25
3rdSingleton homered to right (389 feet), Dubón scored.27
4thPeña doubled to left, Diaz scored, Singleton to third.28
4thMaldonado singled to left, Singleton scored and Peña scored.210
6thDrury singled to left, Rengifo scored, Ohtani to second.310
8thAltuve singled to left, Dubón scored, Peña to second, Singleton to third.311
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