Scoring Summary


2ndDe La Cruz singled to center, Chisholm Jr. scored.01
3rdSoler homered to right center (376 feet), Wendle scored.03
4thDiaz homered to left center (409 feet), Alvarez scored.23
4thSánchez singled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored, Sánchez to second.24
5thBregman grounded out to third, Meyers scored.34
5thDubón scored on error, Tucker safe at first on fielding error by center fielder Chisholm Jr., Tucker safe at third on error.44
5thWendle scored on throwing error by pitcher Javier, Bell safe at first on throwing error by second baseman Dubón, Bell safe at second on error.45
6thMcCormick homered to right center (388 feet).55
7thTucker homered to right center (422 feet).65
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