Scoring Summary


1stDíaz homered to left center (401 feet).01
1stJ. Lowe homered to center (415 feet), H. Ramírez scored and Caminero scored.04
4thBethancourt homered to left (351 feet).05
6thSpringer doubled to center, Heineman scored and Kiermaier scored.25
6thGuerrero Jr. singled to center, Springer scored, Bichette to third.35
6thBiggio doubled to right, Bichette scored, Guerrero Jr. to third.45
8thEden scored on Fairbanks wild pitch.55
8thMerrifield walked, Guerrero Jr. scored, Chapman to second, Biggio to third.65
9thMead singled to left, Tapia scored, H. Ramírez to second.66
9thJ. Lowe singled to left, H. Ramírez scored, Caminero to second.67
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