Scoring Summary


1stSoto homered to right center (461 feet), Bogaerts scored and Kim scored.03
2ndBogaerts tripled to right, Rosario scored.04
2ndBogaerts scored, Kim safe at second on throwing error by third baseman Lopez.05
3rdBatten singled to center, Tatis Jr. scored, Cooper to second, Campusano to third.06
4thSoto doubled to right, Kim scored.07
4thTatis Jr. singled to right, Soto scored.08
5thAzocar homered to left (386 feet).09
6thCooper singled to right, Tatis Jr. scored, Campusano to third.010
6thRosario doubled to right, Campusano scored and Cooper scored, Batten to third.012
7thBaker homered to left center (411 feet), Palacios scored.212
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