Scoring Summary


1stSantana hit sacrifice fly to center, Hayes scored.10
2ndDelay hit sacrifice fly to center, Joe scored, Castro to third.20
3rdSantana doubled to right, Reynolds scored.30
3rdSuwinski doubled to right, Santana scored.40
4thReynolds singled to right, Delay scored on error by first baseman Smith and Marcano scored, Reynolds to second, Hayes safe at third on error.60
4thMcCutchen hit sacrifice fly to center, Hayes scored, Reynolds to third.70
4thSantana reached on infield single to shortstop, Reynolds scored.80
6thSuwinski homered to right center (444 feet), Hayes scored, Reynolds scored and Santana scored.120
7thMaggi singled to center, Delay scored.130
9thAndujar homered to left (390 feet), Delay scored and Maggi scored.160
9thSmith homered to center (401 feet).161
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