Scoring Summary


4thRuiz reached on infield single to shortstop, Winker scored.10
4thCandelario homered to left (379 feet).11
5thMeneses hit sacrifice fly to center, Abrams scored.21
5thMaile homered to right center (374 feet), Fairchild scored.23
5thIndia singled to center, Benson scored, India to second.24
7thAbrams scored on Cruz wild pitch.34
8thRuiz homered to right (397 feet).44
8thMartini doubled to right, Candelario scored and Thompson scored, Martini to third.46
9thWinker singled to center, Abrams scored.56
9thRuiz hit by pitch, Robles scored, Gallo to second, Nuñez to third.66
9thRosario hit sacrifice fly to left, Nuñez scored.76
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