Scoring Summary


2ndBusch hit sacrifice fly to left, Morel scored.01
2ndAmaya hit sacrifice fly to center, Swanson scored.02
2ndSuzuki singled to right, Hoerner scored and Tauchman scored, Suzuki thrown out at second, Happ to third.04
5thSuzuki homered to left center (390 feet).05
6thBryant singled to left, Stallings scored, McMahon to second.15
6thMcMahon scored on error, Jones safe at first on throwing error by third baseman Morel, Bryant safe at third on error.25
6thAmaya singled to center, Busch scored, Hoerner scored and Tauchman scored on throwing error by center fielder Doyle, Amaya to second.28
7thBlackmon doubled to right, Doyle scored, Stallings to third.38
8thCave doubled to left, Bryant scored and Jones scored, Doyle to third.58
8thBlackmon reached on infield single to second, Doyle scored on error and Cave scored on throwing error by second baseman Hoerner.78
8thTovar doubled to left, Blackmon scored.88
8thSuzuki grounded into fielder's choice to third, Mastrobuoni scored, Happ to second.89
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