Scoring Summary


1stParedes singled to right, B. Lowe scored.10
2ndMcMahon homered to left (369 feet).11
3rdDíaz singled to center, Rodgers scored, Jones to third.12
4thToglia homered to left (403 feet), Tovar scored.14
6thDoyle homered to right (360 feet), Tovar scored.16
7thRortvedt doubled to right, Palacios scored and Ramírez scored.36
8thParedes homered to left (364 feet).46
8thRamírez doubled to right, Palacios scored.56
8thRosario singled to left, Ramírez scored.66
8thDíaz singled to right, Rortvedt scored and Rosario scored, Siri to third.86
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