Scoring Summary


3rdPerkins singled to right, Frelick scored and Turang scored.20
3rdYelich singled to right, Perkins scored.30
4thFraley singled to center, Encarnacion-Strand scored.31
5thYelich doubled to right, Contreras scored and Perkins scored.51
6thPerkins singled to right, Frelick scored.61
7thBauers doubled to right, Adames scored and Contreras scored.81
7thFrelick singled to center, Bauers scored, Hoskins to second.91
7thStephenson doubled to left, De La Cruz scored and Steer scored.93
8thDe La Cruz grounded out to shortstop, Encarnacion-Strand scored, Fraley to third.94
8thSteer doubled to left, Fraley scored.95
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