Scoring Summary


2ndEspinal grounded out to shortstop, De La Cruz scored.01
2ndBenson homered to right (386 feet).02
4thEspinal sacrificed, Stephenson scored and De La Cruz scored, Espinal to first on throwing error by third baseman Ortiz, Espinal to third.04
4thBenson doubled to right, Espinal scored.05
4thSteer doubled to center, Benson scored and Fairchild scored.07
4thCandelario singled to right, Steer scored.08
5thTurang homered to center (397 feet), Frelick scored.28
5thContreras singled to right, Ortiz scored, Dunn to second.38
5thDe La Cruz homered to center (450 feet).39
6thTurang doubled to left, Chourio scored and Frelick scored.59
6thOrtiz reached on infield single to pitcher, Turang scored on throwing error by pitcher Ashcraft, Ortiz to second.69
7thYelich homered to left (360 feet), Contreras scored.89
7thDe La Cruz inside-the-park homer to center (282 feet).810
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